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Hoosier Backup has been providing fast, reliable, secure and affordable backup services to Hoosiers since 2006.

Easy to Use

Our simple yet full featured backup program allows you to quickly and easily set you up to back up exactly what you want, when you want it.


Back up one computer per license, and add additional computers for a one-time flat rate. Each license allows for one network shared backup.

Local Support

Tired of foreign call centers handling your problems? Deal with a local company with friendly, local support.

 Industry Leading Technology

Our data centers are at the forefront of technology, security and speed. Rest assured your data is in good hands with Hoosier Backup. Don't wait weeks for your large files to back up. Don't worry about how quickly you will be able to restore your data. We will not limit your speed to cut costs.

With the option of having an additional backup locally, we can deliver a drive with your data on it next day if need-be. Ask our support representatives about your options.


Rest assured your data is secure in our AES-256 encrypted servers. Your data will remain yours and only yours. From the beginning of the backup process to the end, your data remains encrypted and virtually useless to anyone except for you.


PlanNumber of ComputersMonitoringMonthlyYearly*
10GB 1 Included, Unlimited Additional @ $10/ea $5/mo/computer $8  $88
25GB 1 Included, Unlimited Additional @ $10/ea $10/mo/computer $12  $132
50GB 1 Included, Unlimited Additional @ $10/ea $15/mo/computer $23  $253
100GB 1 Included, Unlimited Additional @ $10/ea $20/mo/computer $38  $418
250GB 1 Included, Unlimited Additional @ $10/ea $25/mo/computer $68


500GB 2 Included, Unlimited Additional @ $10/ea $25/mo/computer $115


1000GB 2 Included, Unlimited Additional @ $10/ea $25/mo/computer $189


Ask about additional or customized plans, pricing and our local copy option for even faster recovery of your data. $48 setup applies unless paid yearly.

*Get one month free when purchased yearly.




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